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Welcome to CyberGround!

About the Blog

CyberGround is my personal blog about virtualization, automation and any other DevOps topics. It primarily focuses on VMware Automation, Integration and Operations for the everyday virtualization administrator. Secondarily it will focus on Ansible playbooks and all of it's scheduling. In addition to these topics, I also provides my own example scripts/playbooks/etc for the automation.

About the static pages

After running this blog with wordpress many years ago, I saw that the posts was rarely commented except spammers, which need manual work even if I use captcha or anything else. I also don't like that wordpress does not support database engines, only MySQL, which is in my opinion not a database engine at all, but it is a piece of garbage. Conclusion: Why do I need all of this if nobody want to communicate me, only spammers? Much better, based on security reasons if I rewrite everything in a html code generator, which will generates me this nice static pages. After testing some of this software, I choose Lektor for this job. So no spammer messages at all from now on. :)

About the Author

I worked as a Systems and Network Engineer in Hungarian hosting companies, where I gathered at least 20 years of experience with everything in hosting environment. It means all service administration like web, mail, sql all platforms like windows, linux, hypervisors, and a lot of devices. This made me a very strong base for automation works with ansible playbook and jenkins. Nowadays, I work in multinational companies as a DevOps Engineer but I still have the focus to VMWare vSphere and other automation products.


The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and does not reflect the views and opinions of my employer.

GDPR notices

The Bureau of European Commission forced me to write this... Because I use static site, which means there are no dynamic element in the site at all, I can't (techincally impossible) to ask any personal data (like names, usernames, email addresses) via registration forms or etc, hence I can't store them. Because I use JavaScripts I can set cookies and get information about that, but I don't set any of them. Conclusion: I can't and I don't store your personal details.

However, I using Google Analytics, it's JavaScript code is inside my page's head section. It will set cookies, but I disabled everything in it, so it will also not store personal data. If you don't like this, please close this page/tab.